dent efficiency, advanced technique

Knowledge of Doing

The Dent Efficiency method consists of straightening each impact…

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Services, Organization

Full mastery of work flows, processing of large volumes is our specialty.

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Full Mastery on Work Flows

Dent Efficiency needs only few hours in order to repair the entirety of…

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dent efficiency

Body shell correction platform for hail victim automobile owners.

Dent Efficiency company may put into practice a survey and repair center specific for hail victims.

In order to provide service within reasonable period of times paying attention to the quality of the work to maximum number of victims

Solution ???

Dent Efficiency!!

To unite accredited experts, coachwork technicians and professional body shell masters in a single workplace…

Dent Efficiency company specialized in the repair of vehicles exposed to hail damage may step in throughout Europe and the world in order to install a temporary body shell correction platform within 48 hours to give better service to its customers.

Dent Efficiency is the expert in fixing car body without using paintwork and especially, in repairing hail damage and dents on a hood. Located in Europe, in the north of France, where the producers are performing and dynamic.