Undyed Body Shell Correction


Dent Efficiency is the expert in fixing car body without using paintwork and especially, in repairing hail damage and dents on a hood.

Located in Europe, in the north of France, where the producers are performing and dynamic.


The Dent Efficiency method consists of straightening each impact (full, bump, and various defects) by working on the sheet and the flexibility of the paint that will be deformed without breaking and subsequently getting old.

A detailed analysis of the exposed damage, the determination of the location, the shape, the depth, also the inspection of the body and paint type is the exclusive method of Dent Efficiency. The analysis results ensure that the most appropriate tools are selected for repair. Our technicians can intervene on all parts of the vehicle.

Years of experience in repairing full damage and the rigorous and orderly training of technicians ensure that you are able to benefit from a fast pace of application and therefore competitive costs.

Dent Efficiency can intervene during the production chain exit of producers and generally during the market release of new models for the resolution of defects, end-to-end defects, impacts generated during the handling and handling of vehicles.


Full mastery of work flows, processing of large volumes is our specialty.

After a deepened and digitized discovery, the Dent Efficiency team (more than 50 technicians) can intervene in every corner of the world within 24 to 48 hours.

Dent Efficiency has a solid reputation based on a decisive, professional and dynamic team.

Our method is approved by the manufacturer’s service sectors.



Dent Efficiency needs only few hours in order to repair the entirety of a vehicle and to provide a huge reduction in cost compared to traditional bodywork.

The final result quality is at the highest level so there is no need to paint and paste. Risks due to color changes or possible imperfections resulting from the use of putty are eliminated. The guarantee of the car manufacturer can be maintained. Our great experience with automobile manufacturers gives us the opportunity to provide the highest quality service. Dent Efficiency ensures you comply with the industry’s most stringent standards.

No chemical products are used, the method does not pollute the environment.

Rapid intervention in vehicles = decrease in vehicle idle time = decrease in operating losses.


Dent Efficiency naturally offers original and special services to corporate clients. As a matter of fact, Dent Efficiency has been one of the most well-known companies of the market for many years in terms of the quality of its services thanks to its close customer relationships and cooperation.